Powerline PPR200X Rack Full Review

Powerline PPR200X Rack

The Powerline PPR200X power rack is among the most complex and most versatile pieces of equipment available in the category – if you are looking for a great walk-in rack to maximize the efficiency of your workouts, you have found it. The unit is the go-to solution in most gyms, so you can surely benefit from its sturdiness and its great additional features.

Basic Features of ThePowerline PPR200X

The unit measures 44 W x 82 H x 46 D inches when it is assembled and weighs 136 pounds, making it just the right size and suitably stable for safe workouts, while also providing plenty of space for side to side movements (do expect to receive the rack packed into three different boxes).

The upright pillars are 24 inches apart from each other, guaranteeing freedom of usage even for the tallest athletes. It provides 18 different levels of adjustment with holes spaced at a 3-inch distance from one another to add flexibility and variety to your training. The unit also includes a 41-inch knurled chinning bar, a 1-inch bar for chin-ups, saber-style safety rods and heat-tempered lift offs for the highest level of safety during usage.

What To Look Forward To

Squats, presses, calf raises, declines and inclines can all be done using this versatile rack – you no longer have to wait to be able to use your favorite piece of equipment in the gym; with this rack, you can develop your own gym at home. Here are some more features that you can benefit from:

- The rack is made from heavy gauge steel coated in electrostatic powder paint to prevent corrosion;

- The unit is able to hold up all the weight you can need during your workout, so you mustn’t worry about bending the frame, it can easily accommodate 700 pounds;

- The walk-in design allows you to use the rack with a wide variety of weights and accessories, making your options almost limitless. You can use the rack with various exercise units – you can add a weight set, an adjustable bench, dumbbells, barbells and many others;

- The rack also offers you the possibility to equip it with multiple machines, helping you save lots of space by not needing to have separate units scattered all over you room and not requiring you to walk from one machine to the next either;

- The special safety-oriented design makes it possible for you to land your barbell safely on the rack when you have finished your set, preventing injuries and at the same time allowing you to train to your limits – very important aspects, especially when you are doing solo lifts and there is nobody around to help out;

- The pulley attachment on the unit provides the possibility to add even more exercises to your routine sets;

- The manufacturer offers an impressive 10-year warranty on the rack, which means that they know they have created something safe and durable;

- The pull-up bar is an excellent addition that you can use for isolating certain muscles, thus increasing your efficiency without having to invest more;

- The price is excellent, offering you a wrack worthy of professionals for the price of a unit designed for amateurs.

Negative Aspects Mentioned by Users

Whilst our review of the powerline ppr200x was mainly posative it is worthwhile pointing out what outher user have said. It offers an excellent price to value ratio and it provides really safe and versatile workout possibilities, but it could have done with a few more adjustment levels and with less spacing between the levels, to avoid having to use a position that is too high or too low for the your build.

It can also be a bit of a pain to put together and assembley time takes arount an hour.

The Verdict

The Powerline PPR200X is perfect for beginner users who are just familiarizing themselves with weights and bar types, as well as for the more experienced ones who are looking for the highest level of versatility and efficiency with their workouts. Given the 700 pound weight limit, the rack might not be the best fit for professional athletes, but the average user can draw lots of benefits from this sturdy and feature-rich power rack. For those with a higher budget see our review of the best power and squat racks.

The affordable price tag attached to the Powerline PPR200X and the accessories it comes with make the rack an excellent choice for any home gym – just make sure you find the machines to equip the rack with and you will be able to enjoy the most efficient and safest training sessions possible.