Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo Review

If you are looking for complex, professional, gym-grade equipment that provides you the possibility to perform a wide range of exercises, but does not occupy a lot of space, the Precor S3.23 Functional Trainer and Bench Combo is all you need. With this unit, you will be able to work all your major muscle groups efficiently – whether you want to increase the strength of your core muscles or you want to train your legs and improve your balance and coordination, the functional training you can engage into with the Precor S3.23 will bring almost instant results.

The Basic Features that Make the Precor S3.23 so Great

The unit measures 53 x 38 x 83 inches, weighs 884 pounds and is fitted with a bench that measures 52 x 24 x 16 inches and weighs 55 pounds. The unit is compact, having a very small footprint and features a design that makes it suitable for any environment. Whether you want to create a gym in your living room or you want to use the unit in your basement, the Precor will work equally fine and the concealed weight stack design will integrate the unit smoothly, wherever you place it.

The equipment is also ergonomic. It features a special pulley system that can be operated with one hand and it offers various settings that make it suitable for the most varied exercise routine and for users of any size. The total of weight plates on each of the Precor’s weight stacks is 150 pounds, with 1:2 ratio resistance factor, which means that the functional resistance you will actually feel is 50% of the selected weight.

The bench is comfortable and it comes with multiple adjustable features as well as wheels to move it in and out of the frame quickly and easily. The other accessories of the Precor include an integrated top bar, foot and ankle straps and D-ring hand grips. The pulleys on the unit are made from special fiberglass/nylon materials for the highest level of durability, while the ball bearings the Precor works with are ABEC rated and guarantee smooth operation. The manufacturer offers lifetime warranty on the frame and the welds, ten years on the parts and wear items and one year on the labor.

Exercises that Can Be Performed on the Precor S3.23

The special design of the Precor S3.23 allows for efficient isolateral training (training only one side of the body at a time) and for bilateral exercises as well. The cable pulleys on the Precor will allow you to do all the upper body exercises you would normally do in a gym using separate machines. Here are a just a few of the exercises you can try for your torso and arms:

  • ​Upright rows, seated rows, bicep curls, lateral raises, shoulder presses and chest presses, concentration curls for your arms and your back;
  • ​Abdominal crunches with weights for training your mid-section.

With the help of the Precor, you can also train your complete lower body. You can choose to isolate the different muscle groups and train your calves, your glutes, your hamstrings or your quads separately and you can also combine the exercises for a more varied routine. The lower body exercises you can do on the unit include hip flexions, hip adduction, glute raises, lunges, squats, leg lifts and step ups.

The Pros and Cons of the Precor S3.23

The Precor takes the efficiency of your training sessions to a different level and it is also very safe to use. It offers the possibility to do exercises from over 30 different starting positions and the special cable and pulley system makes sure you will not get injured – provided that you perform the exercises correctly, of course. When it comes to the variety of the exercises, however, you must be aware that the Precor is a weight training machine, offering only very little space for cardio.

There is one more aspect that you should know about and that concerns assembly. The unit being a commercial-grade piece of equipment, it features advanced technological solutions, so you must be prepared to spend a little longer assembling it than you would in the case of other, less professional units. If you don’t have the time or you don’t want to put the unit together yourself, you can contact the manufacturer and benefit from their specialist assembly service, thus making sure the equipment is not only set up in the shortest time possible, but also that every piece is mounted and fastened properly.

Final Thoughts

The wide variety of exercises, the versatile and varied adjustment options and the smooth operation of the Precor S3.23 makes the unit perfect for users of any fitness level, ladies and gentlemen alike. The possibilities on the Precor are almost limitless, allowing everyone to find the most suitable set of exercises and to increase the workload safely and gradually for even more spectacular results.