ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill Review

I’ve tried both types, the automated and the manual, and here’s what I think about the ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill.

This a basic and budget-friendly treadmill, and it does have some pretty good features. I believe what stands out the most is its compact size and portability.

Review of:
Progear 190 Manual Treadmill



A simple design with two levels of height adjustment. A good option for those on a tight budget.


These are the main features of the ProGear 190 Manual treadmill:

Incline positions

The two incline options give variety to workout routines, and they add an extra level of difficulty to your exercise.

There are many benefits to incline walking. Targeting certain muscle groups is easier with this option, it can tilt to 6 and 10 degrees, which gives that walking uphill situation, perfect for strengthening the back, core, and legs muscles.

Twin Flywheel

These allow the belt to move smoothly and evenly. Walking should be an exercise to the muscles without burdening the joints. This is one of the main concerns with treadmills in general and manual variety in particular.

The oversized belt rollers work simultaneously with the flywheels to provide a bump-free walk. This lets you enjoy your workout, whether you’re taking a stroll to relax or if you’re stepping it up with a more brisk stance.


The handles follow the same pattern of minimalist design, they are long enough for keeping the walker stable, but they don’t extend beyond that span.

The grips are made from foam, and they cover the handlebars along their length. The models with localized foam coverings are usually less comfortable to hold, so this is pretty convenient.  


The body of the treadmill is made from steel, it has a powder-coated finish, which makes it both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

The side rails are wide and roomy for added safety, and they provide a moving area that suits a medium adult easily.

The frame can support a 230 lbs user, which is a good metric for that category of treadmills, similar models usually carry around 180 lbs. It’s generally stable and rugged.


It’s designed to fit any space when it’s installed, and after that, it only needs loosening a screw, and then, it can be folded and moved to a storage area.

Its overall assembled dimensions are 47” L x 23” W x 51” H, the folded dimensions are 21” L x 23” W x 51” H, and the belt size is 43” L x 13.25” W.

Weight and Portability

It doesn’t weigh much, only about 49 lbs and there are two small rollers that make this transition to and from storage a breeze.


This treadmill comes with a tiny LCD display console, but it lets you monitor the elapsed time, speed, covered distance, and burned calories.

It’s a little primitive though, but ok for economic model.

Transportation Wheels

There are two wheels connected to the frame so that in the folded position, the treadmill can be carted to any designated storage spot.

One of the major drawbacks of massive sports equipment is their immobility, so once they are installed somewhere, they just stay put. Even cleaning around them is a hassle, so this feature is quite practical and a big plus.   


  • It inclines into two positions
  • The compact size and economic design
  • It’s lightweight is very convenient
  • It can be folded and stored
  • The handles are convenient for safety and balance
  • It’s highly mobile thanks to its transportation wheels
  • The frame is sturdy and it can carry up to 230 lbs
  • The budget-friendly price


  • The LCD display is a bit primitive and small
  • The treadmill is a little short, especially for someone with a long stride

What’s so Special About It?

This is what I like about this treadmill:

Full Control of the Workout

Using a manual treadmill is a unique experience, as you set the tone of the workout. There’s no preset speed or time, so you have the full flexibility to speed it up or slow down.

It can be inclined over two tilting positions, which offers a broad range of workout variations. This helps in targeting various groups of muscles.

Budget-Friendly Price

The difference in price between electric and manual treadmills is huge, and even in the category of manual treadmills, the ProGear 190 tops the list of budget-friendly models.

Easy to Assemble and Use

You can put it together even without a manual, it’s pretty intuitive and straightforward. There are no complicated assemblies, connections, or menus. Simple!

Portable and Mobile

It’s lightweight, compact, and it has transportation wheels. It also doesn’t need power to work, so you can take it along as you go on trips. 


Manual treadmills don’t work with a motor and they don’t need power, so it’s considered an environmentally friendly choice, and a more economical alternative to electric treadmills, which consume quite a lot of energy.


Having a treadmill at home isn’t always an option because of space or budget limitations. The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill sorts out both. It’s easy on the pocket and fits any available space, and once you finish exercising, just fold it up and roll it away.

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would if you are on a tight budget. Whilst there are better manual treadmills such as the ones we have previously reviewed here they tend to be at a higher price point.

I hope this ProGear 190 manual treadmill review has helped you get to know this nice machine a bit more and if it motivated you to start a work-out routine at home, then I’m glad.