Slendertone Ab Belt Review – Does It Really Work?

Whether you want to get a firmer abdomen or you’ve tried different exercises to get a good firm shape without any success, then you should definitely try out the new Slendertone Ab belt. With a revolutionary design and a lot of science behind it, this device will help you get toned muscles in the abdomen area and sculpt your body so that you will be proud do go down to the beach anytime.

Does it work?

Behind the working mechanism of Slendertone Ab belt are more than 50 years of medical science. This ab belt works through electromyostimulation or electrical muscle stimulation. What it does is to send electrical impulses through the incorporated gel pads and to the muscles, causing them to contract and relax.
Our body normally functions the same way, with our brains sending electrical impulses across the nerves to the muscles. In order to achieve the same results natu

rally, you would have to perform intense physical exercises each day, and there are many reasons such as lack of time or others that could prevent you from doing so. Fortunately, the Slendertone Ab belt will mimic your body’s mechanism and send electrical impulses to the nerve clusters connected to the muscle fibres and cause them to contract and relax just like during normal physical exercises.

In our review of the slendertone ab belt we found it so easy to use and a massive time saver. You don’t have to use your precious time to go to the gym and sweat a lot or have to work with heavy weights and risk an accident as this muscle sculpting device will help you achieve the same results with little effort. You can wear the belt while doing other things around the home and increase efficiency as well.
You might be wondering whether the Slendertone Ab belt really works or not? Well, considering the fact that the manufacturer – Bio-Medical Research LTD - has been in the industry for countless years, this shows that this isn’t just a scam to appear overnight. The company is also approved by the FDA so there is no worry here. There are also countless testimonies and reviews on the internet from people who have used the Slendertone Ab belt and they all shared their appreciation and satisfaction for the great results obtained in a relatively short amount of time.

How to use The Slenderton

Using the Slendertone Ab belt is incredibly easy, as all you have to do is to put the belt on your abdomen and ensure the pads are on the muscles you want worked out. Next you select the Slendertone intensity levels desired and you can go do your thing while the belt works out your muscles. Meanwhile you can cook, watch TV or engage in any other activity without minding the belt. It is recommended that you use the belt for 30 minutes a session.
You don’t have to use it every day, as 30 minutes worth of exercise for 5 days per week should do the trick. You will immediately start seeing effects and see your muscles developing and becoming more defined. Within 6 to 8 weeks you will definitely see the difference just as countless other Slendertone Ab belt have in the same amount of time.

A recommendation coming from both the manufacturers and the people who have used this belt is to make sure you are also eating a healthy and balanced diet. That is because you need to be careful not to eat too many calories, as these tend to deposit in the form of fat right in the waist area and you wouldn’t want to overdo it with the exercises. You also need to keep an active metabolism and feed your body with the best nutrients in order to ensure good muscle growth as well. With 30 minutes of exercise per day, healthy food and enough sleep, within a month or two, you won’t even recognize yourself in the mirror - that’s how good the Slendertone Ab belt is.

Another recommendation is to ensure that you are using the Slendertone intensity levels properly. The slenderton has 100 intensity levels which is move than enough for most, but if you need that extra levels of intensity you can see our review of the flexbelt, which offers 150 levels. You should work out the muscles progressively by using the lowest intensity levels first and then work out towards the more intense ones. Doing so will ensure that you will have a smooth and gradual muscle growth and development and that you won’t suffer from muscle cramps or aches to prevent you from enjoying these exercises. Also you shouldn’t forget to change the gel pads every 30 sessions or so, in order to ensure maximum comfort as well as safety as these also have the role to provide a cushion to your muscles.