TKO Sit-Up Bench Review

The TKO Sit-Up Bench is a mini bench that rock hard abs are made on. Whilst mini benches are not for everyone they certainly have their niche market if you are limited on space.

For individuals with limited time to visit a gym or who love working out at home, TKO sit up bench is a comfy equipment that you should check out.

TKO Sit-up Bench
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The equipment is perfectly designed with an ergonomically designed padded bench providing the comfort you need as you exercise. The small sized bench is a plus although it may not suit very tall people as you could find a lot of your back hang of the bench.

If you are a little taller like myself, you should take a look at the benches we reviewed here which is our roundup post of the best sit-up benches on the market.

  • Rear transport wheels
  • Sit-up bench characterized by a 23-degree angle pad
  • Assist handle
  • Wider profile
  • It weighs 45 pounds

A Wider Profile

Being stable while performing abdominal exercises is very important. This is where the TKO sit- up bench comes in. It is designed with a wider profile to cater for your stability needs. This ensures there is no tilting as you perform your abdominal exercise and thus ensuring great results.

The Rear Transport Wheels

The TKO sit up bench is designed with rear wheels which are great for moving the bench from one room to another. Having a hand grip make it even easier to move around.

The Sit-up Board

The boards padding is thicker than a lot of other situp benches on the market and ergonomically designed which ensure for a comfortable workout.

The seat is covered with a fabric that is durable and which does not absorb moisture making it easy to clean.

Small Sized

The compact size of the TKO makes it convenient for everybody to use even in smaller spaces. After assembling it, its dimensions are 50” x 25” W x 25” H inches.

Assist Handle

The assisted handle is one feature I really like on a situp bench and I really can't understand why it is not a stand feature. If you have ever tried to get off a bench when it's at the top incline you will understand there is no graceful way of doing it without a handle to assist. The handle also gives you stability to change positions during your exercise as well as ensuring you do not fall off the bench.


  • Compact size
  • It has wheels that provide mobility and thus can be moved from one place to another without the need of disassembling the parts.
  • Easy to assemble and package comes with a detailed manual.
  • Quality padding
  • TKO sit- up bench is very strong and durable.


  • The bench’s height is non-adjustable.
  • It is designed mostly for those who love working out at home and for beginners thus making it not suitable for those who require a more challenging workout

Final Thought

There are a few main drawbacks to this bench because of its size and lack of adjustability but the build quality is solid and this would make a good bench for those wanting to build some muscular endurance in your abs.