Top 7 Best Push Up Bars Reviewed

Man doing push-ups

The push-up is for many, the genesis to any exercise, the gateway to your workout lifestyle.

The bread and butter of fundamental training.

​The best push up bars ​provide you with a diverse and near endless array of possibilities for workouts and conditioning exercises,  giving your upper body access to anything from rehabilitative training, to a full challenge circuit experience.

So whether it is chiseling, toning, strength and conditioning or pure muscle gains you are after, The best push up bars provides a stable, easy to access all-in-one body weight training zone.

Elite Push Up Bars
Elite Push Up Bars
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
CAP Barbell HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars
CAP Barbell HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars
GF Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up Bars
GF Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up Bars
GoFit Push Up Bars
GoFit Push Up Bars

The Best Push Up Bars ​On The Market:

There are several great push up bars out there. We’ve reviewed the top 5 on the market. Take a look:

​Elite Sportz Push Up Bar


Elite Push Up Bars
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Elite Sportz Push Up bars is unlike ​most bars on the market with the exception of the perfect pushup elite. It's unique steel ball bearing system allow it to smoothly rotate as you go up and down adding a different dimension to your routine.

The rotating handles also makes for less strain on the wrist and good for those that find the traditional handles uncomfortable on the joint.


  • ​​Targets the chest and triceps from different angles because of the added rotation movement
  • Good no slip resistant base that doesn't move around during your routine
  • ​Easier on the joints than some other handles
  • Light weight and easy to transport
  • ​Comes fully assembled


  • The lack of height means you can't go as low as some other handles.

Perfect Fitness perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

​The Perfect fitness pushup elite is another rotation type handle. These smooth rotation handles allow for a good upper body workout without the stress on the wrist.

As you perform a pushup on these handles you can really feel the different parts of the chest being worked. At the top of the movement you can feel it on the outer chest muscle and as you rotate it starts to work the inner chest and triceps.

You can read our full review of the perfect fitness pushup Elite here.

For me these type of handles offer a better upper body workout than the traditional bars and incorporate a lot more muscle groups.

​CAP Barbell Pair of Push Up Bars

CAP Barbell HHP-001 Pair of Push Up Bars
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Simple is sometimes the most effective, and with a classic straight-to-the-point push up exterior design, the CAP Barbell Push up handles provides a reliable, ergonomic build in a great value for money workout product.

The main feature of the CAP Barbell Push up ​bars is that the handles do not ​move, it is a robust set of single piece metal handles. The fact that there are moving or seperate parts means it allows for maximum stability, durability and protection. The metal handles are covered in foam rubber grips. This allows for a firm, tight hold while the cushioned form provides an extra level of comfort while gripping, allowing you to do extended workouts without any discomfort.

The bars also have a set of rubberized feet underneath which means it doesn't slip around during your workout. This adds yet another dimension of stability and safety, and also prevents any scratching or abrasions to the surface below which prevents any slipping and scratches on any surface.


Being one of the cheaper options on our list while still delivering adequate results, it is definitely cost effective.

The straight forward design and profile of the bars promotes greater posture in your push-up or plank position, thus encouraging correct form and greater.

It specifically targets your back, shoulder and chest muscles for a sustained and well distributed functional workout.

The product is perfect for those wishing to achieve strength and conditioning goals, particularly in the core and upper body.

It is with no separate or moving parts, it is easy and almost ready to use straight out the box

The foam handles feel comfortable even after doing lots of sets. The handles are nice and high so gives an increased range of motion.

Its light weight, small profile and ergonomic build lend it to portability, making it the perfect workout travel companion.


The product does not come as a completed product and although the main, fundamental structure is a complete, single piece it still  has to be assembled with respect to the smaller components such as the rubber feet.

Overall, the CAP Barbell Pair of ​handles proves to be a worthwhile but not exorbitant investment if you are looking for a supplementary fitness solution that you can use almost anywhere.

Its price point gives it a great value for money, and despite you having to put a few of the minor components together yourself, it should in no way affect the normal experience in a significant way or discourage you from purchasing this product and putting it to full use.

​Maximiza Push-up Bars

GF Garren Fitness Maximiza Push Up Bars
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

If you’re looking for a push up stand that is strong, reliable and extra durable, with a portability and ergonomics factor that is second to none, then look no further than the Maximiza push up bars as these are exactly what you need.

Much like your typical push up stands, these come with all the typical bells and whistles, coming standard with customized non-slip material made of vulcanized rubber in order to ensure a stable, maximum grip factor during your working out.

It is versatile in the way in which it can be used as well as who can use it, catering to all genders, body types and fitness levels. The extra padding on the handles provides vital cushioning, helping prevent potential injuries, decreases the risk of stress on the wrists and also reduces the likelihood of developing calluses and abrasions.

It is ranked amongst the best push up bars in terms of intensity, versatility and ergonomics. The Maximiza Push-up Bar’s ability to increased depth in workout makes it an amazing, cost efficient option.


Extremely lightweight and strong, made from high quality, durable materials and built to last

easy to carry around and use ‘on the go. Extra portable due to its minimal shape, size and weight, making it a good option to travel with

Affordable good return on investment, making this just as cost efficient as it is functionally effective

Easy to use, and with no moving or seperate parts, you can go to work with it straight out the box. No complicated instructions in the way in which it is used.

The foam handle has a good amount of padding.

The push up bars have a high structural elevation. This allows allows you to engage a wider, deeper range with your workout.


Due to their light framework. the bars may not be suitable for certain broader push up workouts as they tend not to boast the necessary level of anchoring stability required for wider grip push up forms.

If style and ergonomics are important to you, then Maximiza Push-up Bars may just appeal to you with its sleek styling and functional form factor.

It also completely pre-assembled, so there is absolutely no need to fiddle with bits and pieces or try figure out a convoluted instructions manual in order to put it together yourself. It provides everything you need, how you need it and is easily portable, which is a huge buy in exemplifying quality and convenience.

​GoFit Push-Up Bars

GoFit Push Up Bars
Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

One of the key reason push up based exercises and workouts have stood the test of time, remaining a staple in the realm of strength and conditioning, is because they are a training method that actively enhances all parts and functions of the upper body when applied correctly. It is this very factor that lies in the heart of what you get with the GoFit Push-up Bars.

One of the main bonuses of the GoFit ​ is its versatile design. It allows you to exercise the full range of motion. While other products are more focused it can only access specific target areas such as the shoulder muscles and back, the GoFit Push-up Bars have an added focus on the chest and triceps.

These bars can be used for a diverse levels of fitness goals, from hypertrophy goals (building muscle mass) and toning, to isometric and plyometric strength and conditioning, thus having the dual benefit of improving both aesthetic form and skillful function.

 The GoFit are made of high grade stainless steel through state-of-the-art manufacturing and therefore stand to normal measures of durability and structural integrity.The ergonomically design is compact and space efficient, making it a highly portable and easy to store piece of equipment. The sturdy grip provides an added, second to none level of control, comfort and safety. The rubber foot pads do​ a good job of stoping the pushup bars from moving around even on the most slippery of surfaces. 


Really affordable. With the form factor, durability and versatility in mind, the relatively low price point makes the GoFit ​one of the most cost efficient sets of equipment in this category. Real value for money ​products on the market

Provides a good level of elevation to allow you to really get into that deficit zone and challenge your limits to achieve the best possible results

Allows for focused strength and condition, unlocking the potential required for optimum muscle development and skills development.


Does not provide as much wrist support as other pushup stands as the foam ​grip is not as thick, This is generally bearable, but may pose as a problem during prolonged or strenuously challenging activity.

Although designed for a vast array of body types, the GoFIt bars tend not to fully cater to providing support for heavier set users. This makes it less accessible to those who, in some cases, may need it the most -not the most stable push up bars on the market.

​Harbinger Training Push-up Bars

Top 5 Best Push Up Bars

One of key components necessary across all reliable push up bar apparatus is the inclusion of a sturdy and user friendly grip which it provides users with the necessary stability and support for a guaranteed quality workout.

The Harbinger training push up bars certainly tops the charts when it comes to providing proper grip support, the entire form factor of this push up bar set is based around maximizing the grip quality. This enables a whole array of different possibilities when considering exercise and workout routine options.

Safety and comfort of the body when working out are key factors constituent to any proper training equipment, and this product has been designed specifically to alleviate the harshness and strain of push ups on the wrists. It also has a generous amount of grip padding which allows for increased comfort and less stress on your entire body, enabling you to train harder and for longer periods with quality form.


  • Great overall body support, particularly on your wrists. The robust form factor lends itself to comfort and active stability as well as a real sense of control when engaging your workout.

  • The design ensures an even distribution of your weight while doing push ups, thus promoting correct and even form, and essential component of a good workout.

  • Can support users that have a bit of extra weight. This push up bar has a very broad spectrum user access when it comes to bodyweight types

  • Very affordable, especially when considering it’s immaculate design and robustness

The Harbinger training push-up bars provides the user with safety first. The cost of these bars is very competitive for the amount of state-of-the-art enginuity packed in. This design is among the easiest to adopt, especially for beginners who might find other offerings trickier and more daunting to use initially.

​Power Press Push Up

Power Press

This product is one-of-a-kind in the ​workout arsenal. It is more than just mere push up bars, but in fact, a push up system. With an innovative concept driving its function, the Power Press works you by making use of a color-coded system to guide the user in different variations and thus  working out different muscle groups and engaging different movement patterns.

The Power Press push up ​is in the form of a board with different pairs colored slots and sockets in which a set of two hand grips can firmly plug in to create different push up positions. The combination of these colors and the way in which it the grips are plugged in determines which push up workout routine and push up position you will be using. It is great for focused training, strength and conditioning and is a great option for muscle building as well as sculpting in order to gain your desired body definition.

This level of controlled and measurable versatility also ​means it a complete push up training system that can work more muscles than just the pecs and tricep. The material is also sturdy, made from heavy duty material and an easy to store system.


A great choice for those wishing to work on focused body sculpting by targeting relevant muscle groups.  Known to really boost the definition of deltoids, pectorals, triceps and back.

The color-coded system provides and easy, hassle free guide to a diverse array of push up workouts​.

Caters to most people of any body type and fitness level and engages your creativity and imagination when challenging your training or focusing on specific areas of improvement

The multitude of different angles allows for a very versatile experience. The wide position ensures you are able to target and  workout parts of your body that you would typically neglect.

It is relatively safe as long as used within normal recommended guidelines and doesn’t put as much stress or strain on your body as other push up bars on the market.


It is a bit more expensive than other press up products owing to the complex design, state of the art ingenuity and the components it is comprised of.

The bulky design and multiple components make this one less travel friendly than your typical push up bars, it is still possible to transport fairly easily if necessary

​Some of the positions on the Power press push up might not be good for those that suffer with wrist pain. If you do have wrist pain it is probably best to go with ​the Elite Sportz.

 The power press push up caters to both beginners and intermediate users. The innovative color code system is a huge bonus that allows you to spend more time focusing on the endless possibilities and thus endless results for any fitness goals, putting this one a cut above the rest.

Why you need to start using push up stands:

Before purchasing one of these push-up bars, you might stop to ponder on the necessity of it at all. It might cross your mind as to why you would even need to invest in a piece of equipment for something as fundamental and immediately accessible as a traditional push-up.

The concept behind the push-bar is that it enables you to train and challenge yourself beyond the standard conventions and limitations of a traditional push-up exercise. In order to elaborate, let us consider the following extra benefits of push-up bar training vs traditional hand-to-ground push-ups:

  • Greater depth and range of motion
    With standard push ups you are limited by  the space between the training surface and the length of your arms. This determines the range, and since the push up is a closed kinetic exercise (where your workout is anchored to a fixed surface by your feet or hands), your range is very limited.

    Push-up bars, on the other hand, allow you to train beyond the normal range into what is known as a deficit (where the movement range of a closed kinetic workout goes beyond the anchor surface limits). This allows you to extend your body, expand down lower to the ground and engage the ​target muscles more. Your flexibility and strength training multiplies because you are able to increase the normal depth within the movement, allowing you to activate muscle groups and movement patterns that would have otherwise been ignored. your chest, for example is stretched beyond its normal limit using the full range of your pectoral muscles.

  • Push-up Variations
    In order to fully grasp and benefit from a push-up training method, it is important to be able to variate the form and style of push up so as to be able to cover a broad spectrum of fitness, strength and power goals.

    These many push-up variations such as the one arm, diamond push-up and military push-up can be achieved without any extra apparatus, but as we’ve already seen, the goal is not to reinvent the push-up, but rather to upgrade it.

    With push-up bars, it is much easier to set up and stabilize the many push-up variations available, thus ensuring safer and more sustained workouts, while also allowing you to challenge limits of how you’d typically execute your traditional push-up.

    ​Just like a standard press up they can be​ done by both men and women.Those that lack the ​strength to do a full  push up can simply drop down to the simplified press up on your knees.

  • Versatile Training
    Push up bars allow you to try different exercises and variate them in many versatile ways. This means that you are no longer just limited to push-ups. They are a great addition to a home to incorporate more body weight exercises.

    The grip and stability awarded by push up bars allows a functional versatility that enables you to experiment and perform with various bio mechanical functions from the simple elements such as planking and triceps dips to more challenging and complex calisthenic functions such as  L-sits, V-sits and handstand variations.

    Push-up bars are a great way to develop both plyometric power and isometric strength.
  • Less stress on your wrists
    one of the disadvantages of performing traditional hand-to-ground, push ups is the associated increased strain that is put on your wrists due to the inherent over-extension caused by the angle at which the hand rests in combination with the load.

    ​A push-up bar acts to greatly alleviate much of the wrist pain and strain​ on the joints, allowing you to focus on form and challenge while avoid injury.

The top exercises to start doing with push up bars:

As mentioned above, push up bars are not necessary in order to be able to execute and benefit from push up style workouts, however, if you’re looking to amp up the challenge and the resultant gains, push up bars are a necessary starting point. With just a bit of imagination, dedication and discipline, the range of exercises and workout routines that one can do is endless. Below are some of the most effective exercises that can be done using the ​handles:

  1. Push ups
    Because you're now elevating the kinetic chain, there will be a marked increase in engagement on your chest and shoulders. Another way to further increase the exercise difficulty is to elevate your feet off the ground by using a chair or exercise block. Remember to challenge your creativity and try doing other variations such as military or diamond  push ups. ​

  2. Triceps Dips
    Pushup bars allow you to engage and train your triceps much more effectively than you would otherwise be able to without any external apparatus. Place your legs in front of you as you would, and have your hands on the push up bar handles behind you. In this position, engage your triceps as you normally would on, say, a set of parallel bars. Maintain form to avoid abnormal and excessive strain to the wrist and RC (Rotator Cuff) joint.

  3. Handstand push-ups
    This is a powerful exercise for those looking to unlock and achieve a new level of strength and skill. Start by finding a sturdy wall, and place your feet against it in a handstand position. Proceed to place your hands on the bars with a firm grip and perform push-ups in this position. Eventually, as you progress and balance increases, you’ll be able to perform these free standing without a wall or vertical surface to support, an impressive skill and training method indeed

  4. Wide arm Push-ups
    For an increased engagement and activation that focuses on working on your triceps and back muscles, place your hands on the bars a bit further than the usual width of your shoulders and do push ups.

How to use push up bars:

In terms of frequency and intensity, the way you would use ​​the push up stands is not much different from how you would normally ​do traditional pushups in your regular workout week. ​However, you do not want to overwork your body under any circumstances​.

It is recommended that you only engage a heavy ​workout no more than 3 times per week, with a 24 hour rest period in between which can be used to work out other body parts in your home gym such as legs, core or working on flexibility.

There is also no substitute for correct and proper form and good balance of quantity within the bounds of quality in order to optimize and maximize the outcome of your workout goals.

Like most work out products, they are great if they are bought with the right amount of knowledge, foresight and insight going in, and once acquired, used mindfully and sensibly.

There’s nothing worse than investing in a bunch of hefty equipment, only to have it lie around gathering dust, or worse still, lead to catastrophic injury due to unaccounted for complications. 

Before choosing the best push up bar, consider carefully what your intended goals are, the purpose you want to engage and what you hope to achieve in the long run. This will determine which type of apparatus you will buy, helping you make the right decision with your money and for your health.

One thing is for sure my home gym would not be complete without a set of push up stands.​