Total Gym 1900 Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Build Quality

Good solid construction


Not the cheapest, but I would not buy any other make.


Great for a full body workout

What We Like

  • Over 60 Different Exercise
  • Comes With Everything You Need For a Full Body workout
  • Can Be Folded And Stored Away

What We Dont Like

  • Takes Up A lot Of Room If Not Stored Away
  • The Initial Setup Is a Bit Time Consuming
  • Not For Heavy Weight Lifters

Summary: This a great bit of kit for a home gym user looking to improve muscular endurance. I could never have imagined fitting in a whole body workout in as little as 30 minutes but this makes it possible. Switching between exercises is so simple and the movement on the cables are very smooth on the 1900 compared to some other cheaper models, which was pleasant to see. Buy this total gym if you are looking for a quick simple full body workout.

The General Features that Make the Total Gym 1900 Special

The unit is foldable, it measures 92.5 x 16 x 43.2 inches and weighs slightly more than 70 pounds, making it easy to move, to put in use, and then to collapse and roll away into a corner. It features and ergonomic and very comfortable sliding board that is equipped with handles as well as separate attachments for the leg and extensions on the wings, all made from durable, resistant and lightweight materials. The unit is shipped completely assembled, so you can hop on it as soon as you receive it, no need to waste time with assembly.

The Advantages of the Total Gym 1900

The Total Gym 1900 is one of the most versatile compact training machines available today:

- Designed to be able to accommodate a 350-pound maximum weight, the unit is sturdy, stable and suitable for all users and for any fitness goal;

- The Total Gym 1900 features an ergonomic design that will maximize efficiency and joint protection as well;

- The seating is cushioned and comfortable for even the longest workout session;

- The unit has 12 different height adjustment settings that allow you to train according to your actual level of fitness and to increase your load as you become fitter.

We have also reviewed the total gym xls which is a a great bit of kit and is worth paying that little bit extra if your budget can stretch because among other things it has an extra 20 exercises that can be performed. 

The 1900 model is a great machine none the less and you can still get a great workout on it.

While you are exercising on the machine, you will be using the weight of your own body to increase strength and to develop muscle mass, so the higher the setting, the harder your muscles will work. With the lowest setting, you will be using only 3% of the weight of your body, while the highest level will make you use almost half of it;

Total Gym 1900

- The unit comes with two exercise DVDs, the Total Body Workout and the Total Gym Workout, that will teach you how to perform the exercises correctly and it will help you keep your training routine varied and effective.If the reason why you used to go to the gym was to get access to multiple machines and to have a trainer who can help you keep your training exciting all the time, with this great machine and DVDs, you can now have it all in the comfort of your home;

- You will also get diet recommendations with your machine – also designed by professionals, the diet is easy to follow and completely healthy;

- The machine comes with a Pilates bar, an accessory that makes it just as suitable for strength training and cardio routines as it is for stretching-based exercises to train deep muscle groups;

- It also includes an abdominal crunch accessory for giving you that six-pack in no time, and multiple bars for dip and press-up and pull-up exercises;

There is one more extraordinary feature that can make the Total Gym 1900 even more attractive to you: you will be able to get results very fast. With only 15-20 minutes of training, repeated 3 times a week, you will soon see and feel how your muscles are becoming more trimmed and much stronger, transforming your body completely over the course of only a few months.

The total gym company has been around for many years and is renowned for making good quality gym equipment.

Are There Any Cons?

The machine is versatile and efficient as it is, but experienced, fit users might want options for adding more weight – which the unit doesn't offer. However, this can be a problem only for the most advanced users or professional athletes – people with average fitness levels will be able to increase their workload gradually for a long time without reaching a plateau.

Another complaint expressed by users is that not all models come with a floor protection mat.

Final Thoughts

The Total Gym 1900 is indeed a total and complete gym that you can install in a few minutes in your home. Being such a versatile machine, it is popular not only among individuals, but also in gyms. Yes, the unit is so complex, it has so much to offer both in terms of strength training and when it comes to improving flexibility and it is also so sturdy and well-constructed that gym owners choose it to provide their visitors with even more variety and efficiency.

The Total Gym 1900 will strengthen and train your core and your legs, too, while also improving your cardiovascular health and general level of fitness, so it is a really small investment that comes with tons of benefits - and a great time saver as well!