Weider Total Body 5000 Home Gym Review

Whether you are looking for a machine to help you maximize the efficiency of your flexibility training or you need an awesome tool to help you build strength, the Wieder Total Body 5000 will surely meet and even exceed your expectations. With this extraordinary, sturdy and effective full-body machine,you can perform more than 100 different exercises, giving you the opportunity to transform your body in a quicker and more varied way than in any gym. Below we review the weider 5000 to see what this bit of kit has to offer.

The General Features That Make the Total Body 5000 So Special

The unit measures 71 x 26.5 x 49.5 inches and weighs 76 pounds – size that makes it suitable for being used in smaller rooms as well, without having to bump into the extended unit all the time. The maximum weight limit for users is 250 pounds.

The system employed by the Wieder Total Body 5000 is based on the idea of using your own body weight while performing the exercises – body weight exercises have the potential of improving your strength and flexibility, yielding spectacular results in a very short time, especially if your training partner is a versatile tool like the Wieder Total Body 5000. The unit can be used not only relying on your own weight – it comes with 4 additional power bands that can add 50 pounds of extra resistance to your exercises when your initial set of exercises becomes too easy.

Other Convincing Features of the Wieder Total Body 5000

This versatile machine will train your upper body, your hips and thighs and your calves, too – here are some of the wonderful features that make it so effective:

- The unit comes with seven different incline settings that allow you to adjust the intensity of your workout to your actual level of fitness – the steeper the incline, the harder your muscles will work while lifting the weight of your body;

- The sliding seat features padding that is resistant to increased wear and tear, but is soft enough to provide the user comfort during even the most strenuous exercises;

- The machine comes with a squat platform under the sliding section, adding even more variety to your training;

- It also uses a system of pulleys and cables that do not restrict your range of motion, a feature that will develop your strength as well as your flexibility;

- The unit comes with a great instructions manual that includes varied exercises for all the muscle groups in your body, making sure you will be able to perform the exercises correctly and eliminating boredom from your exercise regimen;

- The machine is foldable, but it comes fully assembled, so you can try it the second you receive it;

- The unit is made from the best materials, pairing versatility with ingenious design, sturdiness and durability and guaranteeing that you will be able to use the machine for long years;

- The Wieder Total Body 5000 is available for an excellent price, allowing you to save a lot of time and money because you no longer have to travel to the gym to get fitter;

- The machine comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 90-day limited warranty, but it is so sturdy, reliable and efficient that you will surely be satisfied with the results of your efforts and with the usage experience as well.

Some Minor Cons and a Warning

Almost all users agree that the unit is among the best and most versatile full-body training machines available today. Even so, some other users mentioned in their reviews that the unit does not have ankle straps to provide special training for hamstrings, while others would prefer to have an exercise video instead of the manual in book form, but even these more critical users agree that the Wieder Total Body 5000 is a uniquely effective and reliable workout tool.

There is one more aspect that you must consider before getting your own Wieder 5000. People suffering from motion sickness or from physical conditions that affect their balance might feel dizzy due the movements performed at an angle and people suffering from serious joint affections might want to try the machine before buying it to see how the workout conditions offered by the machine impact their joints.

The Verdict

The Wieder Total Body 5000 offers a more than excellent price-to-value ratio. First, consider the huge number of exercises that can be performed on the unit and the great, collapsible construction that transforms your room into a gym when you want to workout, but stays out of the way, quietly rolled into the corner when you need a clutter-free space. Plus, the machine can be efficiently used by people of any level of fitness and it is suitable for any age, from teenagers who are still growing to seniors, for ladies and gentlemen alike. This is what versatility means!